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Presentation of the Conference

The Conference of European Constitutional Courts, which was established in Dubrovnik in 1972, brings together representatives of 40 European constitutional or equivalent courts conducting a constitutional review.

The Conference organises congresses at regular intervals. It promotes the exchange of information among its members on issues relating to the methods and practice of constitutional review and provides a forum for the participants to share opinions on institutional, structural and practical problems in the areas of public law and constitutional jurisdiction. Besides, it takes measures to strengthen the independence of constitutional courts as an essential element of the guarantee and implementation of democracy and a state under the rule of law and pays particular attention to the protection of human rights. It strongly supports the improvement of lasting relations between European constitutional courts and similar institutions. 

The chairmanship of the Conference of European Constitutional Courts, rotating every three years, can only be held by a court that is a full member of the Conference.

From 2014 to 2017, the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Georgia chaired the Conference of European Constitutional Courts.

The XVIIth Congress was held from June 28 to the 1st of July, 2017 in Batumi. After the last Congress session the chairmanship was handed over to the Constitutional Court of the Czech Republic that will be hosting the XVIIIth Congress as well as its preparatory meeting.